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$1000 Graduate Scholarship



Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded at the annual convention. The first Illinois TESOL-BE $1,000 Graduate Scholarship is a rotating scholarship in honor of three individuals who have made significant contributions to ITBE: Robert Illwitzer, Virginia Welninski, and Marsha Robbins Santelli. The second Illinois TESOL-BE $1,000 Graduate Scholarship is a rotating scholarship in honor of Laurie Martin and Ana King, also important, long-time contributors to our organization. The next scholarship will be awarded at the Illinois TESOL-BE Annual Convention.

For more information on the Illinois TESOL-BE Convention, please view the Illinois TESOL-BE Convention webpage. Along with the cash award, the $1,000 scholarship winners each receive one of the ten Professional Development Scholarships to attend the annual ITBE Convention. For more information on other awards, view the Awards webpage.

Eligibility Requirements:

You are eligible for the Illinois TESOL-BE $1,000 Graduate Scholarship if you are

  • a graduate student presently enrolled full or part-time in an accredited college or university program in TESOL or bilingual education or a practicing ESL/bilingual education professional with concrete plans to enroll in relevant graduate coursework; 
  • an excellent student; 
  • an individual in need of financial assistance; 
  • a current member of Illinois TESOL-BE.

Attendance at the Convention (to receive your award publicly) is expected.

How to Apply for a Scholarship Award

To apply for the $1,000 Graduate Scholarship you must submit:
1. A statement in which you:
        a. Describe your involvement to date in the field of ESL/BE. Include work as a teacher, program administrator, social worker, community
        organizer, etc.
        b. Explain your professional goals and how your program of study will help you meet those goals.
        c. Give a brief statement regarding your financial need.
2. An application form with your personal information
3. Two letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional references. Individuals providing references should log into the online system
    (see below) and answer two short questions on the faculty reference form.
4. An official transcript of academic work (scanned paper transcript or a webpage submitted as PDF are all acceptable).
5. A letter of acceptance for those not currently enrolled in an academic program.

Start your application by following this link: Online Application for Undergraduate Scholarship 
Submit a reference by following this link: Online Faculty Reference Form 
Alternatively, you can download the reference form and send it to 

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Saturday, December 1st, 2018.

Please note: The online submission system closes on 11:59pm on Saturday, December 1st. You will not be able to submit any documents after this time.

Questions? Email the Awards Committee Chair at