Submit a Proposal for our Virtual Convention!

The theme for the 2021 ITBE Convention is "Re-Envisioning Multi-Lingual Education: Transforming for Tomorrow."

It will be held fully online, so you can attend from the comfort of your home! 

We will be accepting proposals for presentations through December 15. The Convention will be held on February 26 and 27. 

Share your Vision

Presenters and attendees are encouraged to expand their skill sets as they envision the future of multilingual education. The events of 2020 have initiated a paradigm shift in teaching and learning, encouraging us to visualize teaching in times of change. We are accepting proposals that address how educators of multilingual learners visualize the new trends in second language acquisition and teaching. ITBE is looking for proposals on a plethora of topics and content areas that address issues all across the field. We invite proposals related to all aspects of ESL/EAP/IEP/CALL/EFL, best practices for instruction, materials development, program administration, teacher training, and professional development in various settings and most particularly in hybrid, blended, and remote models, as well as implications for equity and advocacy in language education for a wide variety of stakeholders. Share your knowledge and expertise with our ITBE community. Below is the link to submit a proposal.  Submissions will be accepted now through December 15, 2020.


Prepare your Submission

Proposal and General Requirements and Information:

  • Include details about your content, targeted audience and learning outcomes

  • There is no word limit for the proposal. 

  • Submit your completed proposal as an attachment.

  • In addition, submit a 60-word abstract which will appear in the convention program if your proposal is accepted.

  • You may edit your submitted proposal up to the proposal submission deadline, 12-15-2020.

  • Submit complete contact information and short biographies for all presenters and co-presenters. 

  • All presenters and co-presenters are required to register for the convention in order to present. This will allow you to enjoy the rest of the convention during times you are not presenting.

  • ITBE will assign a moderator who can assist you with any issues, questions or support during the presentation session. 

  • If you are a publisher or exhibitor interested in a demonstration session or purchasing an ad, contact Marie Friesema, the ITBE Director of Exhibits and Advertising, at All exhibitors will be asked to provide their own access link which will be posted in our event portal.

  • All presentations must be unique to ITBE’s 46th Annual Convention


If you have questions about the proposal system and general requirements, please contact Mary Elizabeth Moore at 


Proposal Technology Requirements: 

  • Total length of sessions, including pre-recorded, live, or combination, must be 50 minutes. If you wish to have a longer Q&A session, then plan for having a shorter presentation.

    • Pre-Recorded Presentation (50 minutes total including Q&A)

    • Live Presentation (50 minutes total including Q&A)

  • The presenter(s) must be in attendance during their whole session, whether the session is live, or pre-recorded, while the video is playing as well as for the discussion afterwards. 

  • All video files must be 1GB or less.

  • Presentation videos can include, but are not limited to, the following recorded structures:

    • Recorded presentation (Zoom, Web-Ex, Google Meet, etc.) displaying presentation speaker must be on camera and exported as a video file 

    • Screencast demonstration exported as a video file 

    • Similar virtual recordings that allow one to meet the technology requirements above.


If you have questions about the technical requirements and format, please contact Bryan Danna at 


Submit Your Proposal

Visit our website to submit your proposal:


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