ITBE Poetry and Writing Contests

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ITBE 6-12 Grade Writing Contest: Writing is an enduring form of expression and communication.  The ITBE Writing Competition is an opportunity for your students to inform us about various aspects of their culture.  As you plan your curriculum for the upcoming school year, provide opportunities for your ELLs to write about their personal bicultural and bilingual experience in the United States.  

At the beginning of the school year, advise your students of the contest.  Go to and read the rules with your class.  As your students are exposed to different types of writing in class, encourage them to practice what they have learned by writing an essay for the writing competition. Read more...

ITBE Elementary Poetry Contest, 2014
Click here to see a PDF of the winning poems from this past year.

Pictured below: Winning sponsoring teachers from the 2014 Poetry Contest. Each sponsoring teacher received a free one-year ITBE membership.


Pictured below: Poetry Contest winners at the Awards Ceremony, February 28, 2014 at the 40th Annual ITBE Convention. 



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The ITBE Link - Summer 2014 - Volume 42 Number 2

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