Volume 43 Number 1

Book Review: Seven Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child

Reviewed by Thomas Hansen

Author Naomi Steiner is a doctor in developmental-behavioral pediatrics and an expert on how children learn languages. Steiner is raising her own kids to be multilingual, and she provides a lot of interesting recommendations.  


Elliott Judd Award 2015

ITBE is proud to award the 2015 Elliott Judd Outstanding Teacher Award to Dr. Theordora Helene Bofman from Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). Dr. Bofman has had a distinguished career as a linguist, a teacher trainer, and a language instructor.


Is PARCC a Reliable Assessment For ELLs?

Barb Gomez

Currently the most “talked-about” assessment is the PARCC and you will find many articles on the NEA website that give a teacher’s point of view. 


ITBE's 11th Annual Elementary Poetry Contest

Presenting the winning poems and the winning sponsors of our annual poetry contest. A fun time was had by all!


Survey Results Are In!

At the ITBE Convention in February, we surveyed SIG members about the concerns they have in their respective work environments. 


Immigration Scams – What You Should Know

Amy Stern

Immigration scams and the unauthorized practice of immigration law are very serious issues.  As an immigration lawyer and a former government adjudicator, I have unfortunately seen immigrants taken advantage of by unscrupulous scammers.   


“Lab Rats” at Work: Partnering with School-based Literacy Centers to Enhance the Performance of English Language Learners

Anna Schultes, Ph.D. 

The following study proposes that student tutors, “Lab Rats,” can work with English language learners (ELLs) at school-based literacy centers to extend instruction beyond the classroom to aide in their success.


Academic Vocabulary: Effective Methods for Selecting and Teaching Words

Elizabeth Kolany and Debbie Labno 

Language educators are aware of the difference between social language, which can be acquired in a relatively short amount of time (one to two years) and academic language, which takes five to seven years, or even longer, to acquire. 


Creativity in Language Education

Hyun-Ju Kim

For decades, creativity has been consistently discussed and argued as vital by those in education as well as in business. Creativity researchers have focused on the construct of creativity and ways to measure it. In the process, the status of creativity in language education has become an increasingly important concept.


Building a Community and Establishing Your Online Presence as an Educator

Stephanie Martinez

Many of us are familiar with social media sites Twitter and Facebook, but the idea of using these web applications for professional reasons other than social networking may be a bit foreign.  


Get Them Talking: Increasing Student Talk Time in the Classroom

Allison Lewis 

I’m always thinking about how I can get my students to talk more in class. With the limited amount of class time we have, it’s important to create as many opportunities as possible for my students to practice speaking. 

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