Volume 43 Number 4

ITBE Convention 2016

Shane Dunkle, ITBE 2016 Convention Chair, here. I hope that your holiday season was relaxing and enjoyable!

We here at ITBE are starting to gear up for our yearly convention next month.


News: Adult Education Special Interest Group

Final plans for the 2016 ITBE Convention are in full swing. In planning the Adult Ed SIG Breakout Session, I appeal to you to provide me with direction as to what you want to hear and discuss.


ITBE Awards/Scholarships

ITBE is offering a $1,000 Graduate Scholarship, a $500 Undergraduate Scholarship and a total of ten Professional Development Scholarships. Apply today! Also, a writing contest is held each academic year for ESL students in grades 6 - 12 and poetry contest for elementary students. Encourage your students to participate.


Secondary Ed SIG: Convention Lesson Plan Swap

For the Secondary Education SIG meeting at the Convention (Feb. 26-27), we are having a lesson swap! Please bring 15 copies of a fantastic lesson you would like to share with your colleagues. We will all have an opportunity to share. We also have a resource file that we are compiling so teachers have an ongoing resource throughout the year. Here is the link - http://tinyurl.com/hemsoyr  - Margaret McGregor, SIG Chair

Tell Me About the Personality of Your Word

Patrick T. Randolph

Consider, for a moment, the following question: What if every word in your mind had a “personal identity,” “personal history,” or “personal psychology?” In such a scenario, “ambiguous” would be a shy, evasive woman from Wyoming; “meticulous” would be a tall, thin, and very punctual man from London; “the” would be a meditating monk from western Japan; “and” would be a curious angel flying above the skies of Turkey.


An Adult Education Week Activity in a Community Center Environment

Nancy Somora Gebhardt

Adult Education and Family Literacy Week is held each year in September. It is meant to raise public awareness of the importance of adult education and family literacy, advocate for local resources, and help learners gain access to adult education and family literacy programs.



Book Review: Teaching Adult ESL

Reviewed by Clare Alsharif

Teaching Adult ESL by Betsy Parrish, published by McGraw-Hill Education in 2004, is a practical guide to ESL teaching that covers many areas using easy-to-understand language and examples. The topics covered include but are not limited to theory, planning, developing specific skills, managing classes, selecting materials, and assessment.


Book Review: Teaching English Language Learners across the Content Areas

Thomas Hansen

This is a solid and often-used book for helping teachers who have not yet taught a lot of English language learners (ELLs) in their regular classrooms or in their content area classes. The book is also often used in teacher certification and endorsement courses, as well as professional development sessions.  


Higher Ed SIG: Placement Tests

Jennifer Rockafellow, Higher Ed SIG Chair

The discussion surrounding placement testing in higher education has been gaining momentum recently, with many institutions looking for low-cost options that offer reliable results and are easy to administer.  At ITBE’s fall workshop, the Higher Education Special Interest Group focused on the topic of placement testing and the challenges involved in selecting a new assessment. 

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