Fall 2019

ITBE Convention 2020

Join us for the 45th annual ITBE Convention on February 28-29, 2020.



Call for Proposals

Submit a proposal for a presentation at the ITBE Convention!


Student Writing Contests 2020

Submit your students' work into the annual poetry and writing contests for elementary and secondary students.


Using Graphic Novels for an Adult ESL Book Discussion

By Allie Gourley

In the ESL office at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, we use graphic novels as a part of our monthly book discussions with students. 


Conversation Technique for Lighting up the Pleasure Centers in Your Students’ Brains

By David Kehe

We can include something in our lessons that will fire up the reward brain circuits in our students’ brains. However, there can be a downside to this.


Three Unorthodox Prewriting Activities for Writing Classes

By Patrick T. Randolph

How can I ignite that flame, kindle that spark, to get my students interested in their writing and interested in improving it? In an attempt to address this question, I will offer three unorthodox prewriting activities that have significantly helped my own students develop a unique relationship with writing.


A Book Review of "Language Acquisition Made Practical, A Comprehensive ‘How-To’ Book for Learning Any Language"

By Justine E. Knox

This is a review of the book Language Acquisition Made Practical (LAMP), which was originally published in 1976 for Americans who planned to soon move overseas. The book acts as a guide to help language learners become self-directed learners who are able to become linguistically and culturally competent members of their new societies.


How to Learn Students' Names

By Allison Lewis

We want to create a welcoming atmosphere in our classrooms, and learning students’ names—as fast as we can!—is a big part of that. How will our students feel like a part of a community if their teacher and classmates don’t even know their names?

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