Volume 51, Number 2

Submit a Proposal for the ITBE Convention

We are now accepting proposals for presentations at the ITBE Convention on Feb. 23-24, 2024. 


We Learn and Grow Juntos

By Kelly Caplan

A reflection on the ITBE 2023 Fall Virtual Workshop


Collective Vision Board

By Monika Gadek-Stephan

As part of Adult Education and Family Literacy Week in September, the Education and Work Center in Hanover Park hosted a fun and inspiring project to highlight the power of dreams and hope for the future.  


You’re Asked to Present for Your Colleagues as an EL/ML Teacher

By Dr. Denise Furlong & Carly Spina

When planning a presentation for colleagues, consider the overall goals for the school this year, the needs of current multilingual learners, the mindsets of the staff, and the overall culture and climate of the school. Reflect on the particular purpose for the presentation and decide what is the most important message that you want to share.


Why Are EL Students Overrepresented in Special Education Programs?

By Patricia Dereli

EL students are sometimes overrepresented in special education programs, which deprives them of opportunities such as targeted English language learning and can place them on an unequal track relative to their peers. This article offers some solutions to improve the problem.


The Power and Pomp of Pop Quizzes

By Patrick T. Randolph

If pop quizzes are used as “peaceful pets” as opposed to “vicious guard dogs,” then students will find them useful, fun, and effective. Try these ideas for how to use pop quizzes in your classes.


Disciplinary Literacy: Empowering Teachers and Students with Tools to Access Complex Academic Language

By Sara Vroom Fick

Students can benefit from a strong base of content-area literacy to learn how to approach academic texts; however, that only takes them so far. Disciplinary literacy shifts the focus from being primarily a recipient of knowledge to becoming an active participant in the discipline, learning the ways of constructing knowledge and communicating that knowledge to others (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008).

Fall 2023 - Volume 51, Number 2