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Adult Education Special Interest Group

We hope to make this site a regular check-in point for your teaching agenda as you search for helpful, tried and true activities in the classroom, engaging websites and articles relating to our unique slice of TESOL education.

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Ewa Lazowska & Marcia Luptak
Co-Chairs, Adult Education SIG, ITBE

Meet your Adult Education SIG Chair: Ewa Lazowska and Marcia Luptak

Ewa Lazowska    Adult Education SIG Co-ChairContact:

Ewa Lazowska has a Master’s Degree in TESOL/Applied Linguistics and a Bachelor’s
Degree in English Literature from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is currently working as an ESL instructor at Governor’s State University in the School of Extended Learning. During her extensive career, she has had an opportunity to teach diverse groups of ESL students, including international students and immigrants, which enriched her experience with insights on pedagogy and student goals and needs.
She has worked at the Tutorium of Intensive English, the Writing Center at the University of Illinois, Richard J. Daley College as both an Adult Educator and a Manager of the Adult Education Program, Moraine Valley Community College and as a Curriculum Developer for private language schools in the Chicago area. In addition to teaching a variety of ESL classes, tutoring individuals and groups, she has been working effectively with first-year students as an Adjunct Lecturer through online classroom for the last 6 years teaching English Composition, developmental writing classes and linguistics courses. Her favorite part about teaching English to non-native speakers is observing students’ progress from beginning or literacy to a proficient language speaker ready for academic classes. Students feel empowered and are truly ecstatic when they can engage in their first conversation with a native speaker and successfully communicate their needs. In the classroom, she enjoys incorporating technology into lesson planning, which includes authentic documentaries, lectures and songs. Her most recent discovery is! In her personal life, I enjoy exploring nature with my 10 year old son in nearby forest preserves and parks. Her hobbies are watching movies from the era of Classical Hollywood Cinema and novels by Henry James.

Marcia Luptak    Adult Education SIG Co-Chair

Marcia Luptak started teaching ESL in the CESL program at Southern Illinois University in 1993 when she
was a linguistics graduate student there. In 1996, she began teaching adult education ESL at Elgin
Community College (ECC), where she taught ESL classes until 2014. In 2014, she became the Senior
Director of the ESL program at ECC. She holds an M.S. Ed. in Adult, Continuing, and Literacy Education
from National Louis University in Chicago. She has been actively involved in ESL and adult education
throughout her career. She has presented at multiple conferences (including ITBE) as well as the Adult
Learning Resource Center (ALRC) in Arlington Heights and served on the IACEA Board as the Jr./Sr. Chair
of Curriculum – ESL from 2016-2018. She also participated on the ICCB ESL Strategic Plan subcommittee
in 2018. Marcia is an active member of TESOL and has been a member of ITBE since 1999.