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Board Meeting Schedule


All ITBE members are welcome to attend. Meetings generally start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays. Please contact for attendance as a ITBE member.


Jul 15, 2023- virtual
Aug 19, 2023- virtual
Sep 16, 2023- virtual
Oct 7, 2023 in-person before workshop (Location TBA)
Fall Workshop- October 14, 9-3 (Virtual Workshop)
November 18- virtual
Dec 16, 2023-virtual
January 20- virtual
February 17- in person- convention prep (Location TBA)
February 23-24 Convention (Sheraton Lisle Naperville Hotel)
March 16-virtual
April 20-virtual
May 18-virtual
June 15/22 in person- onboarding meeting/transition (Location TBA)

Board Members

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For more information on each Board position, view Illinois TESOL-BE's Constitution and Bylaws webpages.