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Higher Ed SIG

Higher Education Special Interest Group

Welcome to the Higher Ed SIG webpage of ITBE!

As educators, we are always searching for innovative ideas, opportunities for collaboration, and general information sharing to benefit our wonderful students. Below you will find some useful links, including news, upcoming events, contests, and more.

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Higher Ed SIG Information

HE-SIG Statement of Purpose

The Higher Education Special Interest Group encourages and promotes communication, information-sharing, research, publication, and awareness of English for Speakers of Other Languages and Bilingual Education at the college/university level.
The special interest group (SIG) represents practitioners of ESOL/BE, teacher trainers, student, and administrative personnel by providing a forum for the discussion of standards, issues and concerns related to ESOL/BE in higher education. The special interest group also develops position papers as appropriate for consideration by the Illinois TESOL-BE Executive Board.


Article I – The name of this special interest group is “ESOL/BE in Higher Education” (HESIG)

Article II – The Objectives of this special interest group are
  1. To stimulate scholarship, collaboration, consultation and dialogue among ESOL/BE professionals in higher education.
  2. To inform the public and other educators regarding the nature and role of ESOL/BE in higher education.
  3. To provide documentation and to propose standards relating to ESOL/BE programs in higher education, their students, and their faculty.
Article III – The SIG activities include, but are not limited to,
  1. Contributing SIG-related columns to the Illinois TESOL-BE newsletter.
  2. Sponsoring sessions at the annual convention and at other Illinois TESOL-BE workshops and conferences.
  3. Holding at least one meeting per year.
Article IV – Members of the SIG must be members in good standing of Illinois TESOL-BE.
Article V – Officers
  1. A chairperson is elected annually by a majority of SIG members present at the SIG meeting during the state convention. Duties include chairing meetings, information and minutes to SIG members. The chairperson of the SIG also serves as a voting member of the Illinois TESOL-BE Executive Board.
  2. A recorder, a volunteer from the SIG membership, will take minutes at SIG meetings and arrange for their dissemination to SIG members.