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Attached is the letter that several of us received from Jeff Hutcheson, Director, Advocacy & Public Policy, regarding the proposed cuts to (up to potential elimination of) ESEA Title III funds, Title II-A funds, and Title I grant funding for FY24. These cuts are deep and could lead to the loss of 220,000 teaching positions in the US. 
Please share this information and encourage your colleagues to contact their US Representatives and Senators. The cuts proposed impact all of us and if you have colleagues/friends in other states, please share this information with them, as well.
The proposed cuts also impact WIOA funding, Federal Work Study, and a plethora of other federal programs. You can find the full draft of the bill at the link below. Please take a few minutes to read it. The proposed cuts to funding are very extensive.
This is an extremely urgent matter and your voice is needed. Write, call, and/or visit your US Representatives' and Senators' local offices. Let them know that you do not support these cuts to funding. Here is a direct link to the TESOL Advocacy Action Center where it is possible to contact US Representatives and Senators:
Advocacy equals Action!
Gina Johnson Wells, PhD    
ITBE Advocacy Co-Chair

The Racism-Free Schools Act (Senate Bill 90 and House Bill 2049) will protect students and teachers by requiring all schools to have a policy specifically addressing race-related harassment and discrimination, as they already do for sexual harassment. Schools will also be required to train employees to recognize and report incidents and communicate student rights and reporting options to families in accessible, age-appropriate language. To learn more, see this factsheet or visit

Please register for the Spring Virtual Kickoff on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023, 4:00-5:00 pm. Hear from students, teachers, and legislators about how the Racism-Free Schools Act would transform the way schools address racist behavior and how your voice can help make it law. Register here for the meeting invite and session recording!