Volume 42 Number 2

Greetings from the President of ITBE

Read a welcome message from our new president, Debbie Sternecky.


ITBE Poetry and Writing Contests

See the winning poems and pictures from the 2014 Awards Ceremony. Get information about the 6-12th Grade Writing Contest, 2014-2015. 


New ITBE Early Childhood Special Interest Group Formed

Read all about our new Early Childhood Education Special Interest Group (EC SIG) and its first official event. Click here for the EC Newsletter. 

2014 TESOL Advocacy & Policy Summit

ITBE board members, Yurimi Grigsby and Cathy McCabe went to Washington D.C. this summer to attend TESOL's annual Advocacy & Policy Summit. 


Everyday Advocacy

Giving Them a Voice: English Teaching at the Backstretch of America's Racecourses

ITBE interviewed Marie Friesema on being an advocate for a hidden population. 


Three Facts or Three Myths About the Brain?

Patrick T. Randolph - One of the most phenomenal organs in the human body is the elegant and ever so intricate universe known as the brain. 


Language Learning with Technology: Ideas for Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Courtney L. Francis - The only element that is missing from Language Learning with Technology: Ideas for Integrating Technology in the Classroom is that of intimidation. 


US Social Issues Survey Project

Kathleen Reynolds - When the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act became law and “No Guns” signs appeared on every entrance door on campus, my students’ reactions ranged from curious to confused to concerned to frightened.  


ESL Students and Linguistics: Support within the School Building

Lauren Kowalkowski - Teachers have a wonderful asset within their school building that can help when learning and teaching linguistics.  That person is the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).  


Phonology and Adolescent English Language Learners

Christine Olson - Phonology is an important area of linguistics to consider when teaching English Language Learners. Adolescents have a developed phonology system in their first language, which interferes with learning a second language


How to Hold Effective Discussions in an Elementary Classroom

Margarita Contreras - Communication plays an important role in education, and it has been proven that conversations among students and teachers promote learning and discovery.  Moreover, class discussions should be meaningful for students in order to reach the intended outcome. 


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