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The newsletter is a publication of Illinois Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Bilingual Education, a non-profit professional organization, founded in 1970, which disseminates information, provides a forum, and serves as an advocate for students, educators and administrators in the field. Illinois TESOL- BE is an affiliate of TESOL, an international organization. All our articles come from professionals in the field, typically from our membership. We encourage article submissions from our entire membership from all levels of experience and areas of expertise.?

Call for Submissions for the Fall Issue - Due September 30, 2014

Detailed Submission Guidelines and Formatting RequirementsClick here.
Please focus your submissions on one of the following categories:  
Feature Articles: Useful classroom practices, administrative issues, classroom-based research, perspectives and commentary on trends or innovations in the field
Please include headings and graphics (photos and videos) where applicable
Length: 700-1500 words
Teaching Tips: Shorter teaching tips or lesson ideas
Please include headings and graphics (photos and videos) where applicable
Length: 500-700 words
News from ITBE Members: Short announcements of professional achievements of ITBE members (for example, awards, publications in peer-reviewed journals, etc)
Length: up to 50 words

See submission guidelines for these article types. 
Book and Resource Reviews: Reviews of textbooks, professional development books, and other resources (print or online)
Please include description, critique, and possible applications 
Length: 300-500 words

Send reviews to ITBE Review Editor, Teddy Bofman at


Submission Deadlines 

  Submission Deadline Publication Date
Fall  September 30, 2014 mid-October
Winter December 31, 2014 mid-January
Spring March 31, 2015 mid-April
Summer June 30, 2015 mid-July


No Press Releases Please- public relations, publishers, advertisers and product developers please see the information below on advertising.

Detailed Submission Guidelines and Formatting Requirements: Click here.

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