Volume 42 Number 4


Join us for ITBE’s 41st Annual Convention!

We are excited to announce ITBE’s 2015 Convention, "Extending Learning Partnerships." Our annual conference will take place on Friday and Saturday, February 27-28 at the Naperville Marriot. We have many splendid things planned for the upcoming convention. 


Elliot Judd Outstanding Teacher Award - Extended Deadline

Know an amazing ESL or Bilingual Ed educator? ITBE is still accepting nominations for the 2015 Elliot Judd Outstanding Teacher Award through February 7th


2015 – The year for advocacy for English language learners

The Lunar New Year will bring the Year of the Sheep, but it shouldn't be a quiet one for English learners. 


Get More Out of Your Listening/Speaking Textbook

Heather Torrie, Editor

If you are a new ESL teacher, you might feel intimidated and cling to the textbook, doing each and every activity. If you are a more seasoned teacher, you may be tempted to disregard the textbook, instead supplementing with your favorite materials and self-created activities. Before you toss the book aside and flip on that exciting Youtube video clip, there may be more you can do with your basic listening/speaking textbook.


Part II on Brain Myths: Are We Really Right-or Left-Brained Dominant?

Patrick T. Randolph

Do we really use just one side or the other of the brain while drawing? Part II of these common brain myths takes a look at the supposed right- and left-brain distinction, examines the number of senses we have, and investigates the belief that Mozart’s music can increase our intelligence. 


Teaching Tip: Consider a Visit to Special Collections

Molly Kelley 

When asked what the library is for, my students answer “books.” The answer gets a bit more developed when I ask what my students actually use the library for. The most common responses being to use a computer or to buy between-class snacks. The purpose of my writing this article is not to judge my students for their use of the library. My position is that the function of the library is dynamic, and though the role of the library may change with the times, the necessity of the library does not. I do, however, believe that my students are underutilizing this asset, and this brings me to special collections. 


Book Review: Cat Got Your Tongue?

Reviewed by Jarrett D. Ragan Jr

This is a book for those who want practical ideas and readymade lesson plans and for those who want to delve more deeply into these wonderful words we call idioms that so bedevil our students and ourselves as we try to understand and explain them. The first part is mostly theory and tradition with a bit of practical advice, whereas the second part is mostly practical with a bit of theory and tradition. Throughout you will find interesting and useful information on such concepts as mirror neurons, the Ebbinghaus curse, (our tendency to forget quickly) and why sleep and exercise are important for learning all in chapter three, a must read. 


Write for the Link!

Everyone has a great ITBE Link article inside, waiting to be written. We are eager to hear about your experiences, teaching tips, thoughts, challenges, and inspirations. If you're looking for some inspiration, write about your experience at our ITBE Convention in February. We definitely would welcome write-ups about presentations (your own or one you attended), or overall thoughts and impressions of the convention. See www.itbe.org/newsletter.php for submission guidelines and categories. Also email Heather Torrie, editor, at news@itbe.org for more information. The submission deadline for the next issue is March 31. 
ITBE Link - Winter 2015 - Volume 42 Number 4