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ITBE Board Meeting Schedule

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Board Meeting Schedule 2017-2018

All ITBE members are welcome to attend. Meetings generally start at 6:00pm on Fridays and 9:00am on Saturdays. Please contact for verification of time and to get directions.
Aug. 19, 2017 (Sat)  Harper College
Sept. 22, 2016 (Fri) Online Meeting (GoToMeeting)
Oct. 14, 2017 (Sat) Fall Workshop
Harper College  *Board Meeting Follows Immediately
Nov. 17, 2017 (Fri)  GoToMeeting
Dec. 10, 2016 (Sat) Chicago TESOL Committee Only
Jan. 27, 2018 (Sat) GoToMeeting
Feb. 23,
2018 (Fri)
April 14,
2018 (Sat)
 Loyola University Chicago
May 5,
2018 (Sat)
June 23,
2018 (Sat)
 Governors State University